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Emergency Hot Water System Repairs, Installations and Replacements Maroochydore

Fast, 24 Hour Emergency Hot Water Cylinder Repairs, Replacements, Installations and Maintenance in the Local Maroochydore Area.

If you have an emergency with your hot water system and you need it fixed right now then give us a call. We offer fast, reliable, same day repairs to all hot water systems in Maroochydore and surrounding areas. We ensure a same day solution to your hot water system by sending both an experienced plumber and an electrician to all our jobs so that your hot water problem is solved fast! There is no need to call in different tradesman separately, we fix it there and then as our experienced technicians carry all major spare parts and are familiar with all brands, makes and models due to years in the industry. Call us now on to have us at your door in under 3 hours!

Are You Unsure of what hot water system to install?

Do You Know The Types of Hot Water Systems Available and the Approximate Installation Costs of Various Hot Water Systems?

Check out our summary below! Our experienced plumbers and electricians will be more than willing to talk to you in more detail about each hot water system that will suit your requirements and satisfy your budget.

Along with this, our technicians can explain which hot water systems suit your specific house and will thrive in the local Maroochydore climate.


  • Available in both continuous and storage systems. Hot water storage tanks operate via a thermostat and heating element. These systems heat water and store it so it is available as you require it. 
  • Generally the cheapest option, easy to install and a no hassles method of getting full mains pressure instant hot water to showers, baths, washing machines and basins. 
  • More expensive to run and are not the most environmentally friendly option. Not the best option if you are intent on reducing your carbon footprint.
  • Typical units range in size usually from 24-400 litres and can cost between $450-$1800 with larger units costing above this. Installation cost usually between $200-$600 if replacing a water heater with the same type. Complexities in job can further add to this installation cost.
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Heat pumps:

  • Heat Pump Hot Water Systems operate by extracting the heat from outside air and transferring it around your home. Heat pumps work harder as outside temperatures drop.
  • Heat pump hot water systems are around three times more efficient compared to electric hot water systems. Government incentives may be offered.
  • Needs a well ventilated area as usually installed outside, compressors can be noisy and servicing costs are high.
  • Heat pump water system prices vary depending on the size of the unit. Typically around $2500-$5000 will get you a fully installed unit.
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Natural Gas:

  • Gas hot water systems operate by cold water being pumped into a storage tank from the mains supply where it is heated by a gas burner at the base of the hot water system.
  • Cheaper option compared to electricity especially if you already have the connections. Energy efficient and fewer greenhouse emissions.
  • Viable option usually if already connected to gas. LPG costs can be high compared to natural gas. Electric ignition is more economical but loss of power in blackouts.
  • Gas heaters with storage tanks range from $900 for a 135L system up to $1800 for high end 360L systems.
  • Installation prices range from $200-$400 plus extra amounts if piping is required.

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  • Available in gas boosted or electric boosted (LPG or Natural), these hot water systems use the sun’s energy to heat water inside collector panels and store it in insulated tanks for future use.
  • Can be roof mounted (closed coupled) or on the ground (split system).
  • Running costs can be up to 90% cheaper and this option can pay for itself over time. The most environmentally friendly option.
  • Purchase and installation costs are higher, time consuming to install and may be unreliable on overcast days requiring the use of an electric booster.
  • Prices start at around $3000 fully installed for an imported system up to around $4000 fully installed for a popular Solahart system suitable for a 4-5 bedroom house.
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At Repair My Hot Water Maroochydore Our Experienced Plumbers and Electricians Love A Chat! They Will Happily Talk You Through All Your Hot Water Options And Find The Right Choice To Suit Your Household And Budget.

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Repair My Hot Water Maroochydore will install, service, replace or repair all Brands and models.

All major brands of hot water systems including Saxon, Rheem, Aquamax, Solahart, Bosch, Vulcan and many more. At Repair My Hot Water we can provide you with an option to suit your budget. So if you are in the Maroochydore area, have a problem with your hot water system and you want a FAST fix, call us now