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Repair My Hot Water Noosa

Emergency Hot Water Repairs Noosa, Installation and Service by experienced plumbers and electricians.

At Repair My Hot Water Noosa we are available 24/7 to fix all your hot water repairs, plumbing and electrical problems. If you need emergency installation of any type of hot water system and you want it fixed fast, then call us at Repair My Hot Water Noosa.

We guarantee our work and can offer same day service by sending both qualified electricians and plumbers to all of our call outs. Our experienced technicians carry all major spare parts and are familiar with all brands of hot water systems due to many years of experience in the industry.

Hot Water Emergency Repairs, Installation and Service in under 3hours!

Do you have any of these problems?

No hot water coming from showers, taps etc
Only getting warm water?
Gas Leaks
Burst Pipes
Leaking Taps
You hot water system needs a service or upgrade?
Unsure of what hot water system to install?
In need of some friendly, professional advice from a qualified electrician or plumber?

Call us Now! We guarantee an experienced, qualified electrician and plumber at your door in less than 3 hours to fix your emergency hot water system problem.

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We Repair All Hot Water Systems

Electric – Heat Pump – Natural Gas – Liquid Petroleum – Solar

Electric :

 Hot water storage tanks which operate via a thermostat and heating element. These are generally the cheapest to have installed on most houses and range in size from 50Litres-400Litres. There are a wide range of sizes and brands to suit all budgets.

Heat Pump:

These systems are energy efficient. They may cost more to install but they are cheaper to run than hot water systems therefore saving you money over time. These systems may also be eligible for RECs and the Government rebates (subject to Government conditions)

Natural Gas:

Gas hot water systems are cheap to run and great for high demand applications or where there is no power source. They are extremely reliable, will not be knocked out of power in any storms and are environmentally friendly. They are available in both natural gas and LPG models.


 Solar hot water systems use the suns energy to heat water inside collector panels and store the heated water inside an insulated tank for later use. It is an affordable, environmentally friendly option which can produce significant savings over time. They can either be roof mounted (closed coupled) or put on the ground (split system).


  Talk to us about a retrofit. This is where we can swap an existing gas or hot water heater over to an electric system. Because we attend every job with a qualified plumber and electrician, we do not outsource any of the work therefore making it cheaper than you may think!

Unsure of what hot water system to install? We provide expert opinion and advice on all queries and find an option to suit your budget.

6 Most Common Questions Our Technicians in Noosaville get asked about Repair and Installation of Hot Water Systems?

What sized hot water unit do I  need to service my House?

Advantages and disadvantages of Electric , Gas, Solar and Heat Pump Options

Cheapest hot water system to install?

Running cost of each different hot water system?

What arre the most reiliable brands of hot water tanks

Do I have to replace the same brand that needs replacing?


Call Us Now on 0488-707-828 We will gladly provide you with honest, friendly and professional advice on all your Hot Water Repair, electrical and plumbing questions!

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What sized hot water unit do I need to service my home?

Storage Hot Water Heaters

 sized according to household numbers. Simply put, the more people in the household  the larger the tank you will need. If it is too small you will always be running out of hot water. If it is too big then you will be wasting your money as it will use extra energy maintaining water temperature for lots of extra water that is not required. Typically a reasonably water efficient family using an off-peak system will require a 250315L tank.

Continuous flow system

– If you install a continuous flow system that is too small then you will also run out of hot water. This will often happen when you might be using multiple hot water outlets in the home at the one time.

Electric Hot Water System

– A water efficient family of four will typically require a 125L-160L sized tank.

Solar Hot Water Systems

– The more people in your household the larger the storage tank and solar collectors needed. Typically a family of four will need a 300L system which would require two panels. Add an extra 75L per day on average for extra people.

Gas Hot Water Systems

 There are 3 types:

  • Storage –Water is heated and stored in an insulated tank for future use.
  • Continuous Flow (Instantaneous) – Water is heated only when required and no storage tank is needed.
  • Solar Water Heaters with Instantaneous Gas Boosting.

Typically speaking, a family of four will require a storage tank of 135L-170L, however there are continuous flow options available. A good option is for a high efficiency gas hot water system. These are very economical when operated on natural gas.


Talk to our experienced plumbers and electricians at Repair My Hot Water to find the correct size of a system to suit your exact needs.

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Repair My Hot Water

Repair My Hot Water will install, service, replace or repair all Brands and models.

All leading brands of hot water systems including Rheem, Saxon, Bosch, Solahart, Dux, Aquamax, Vulcan, Zip, Raypak, Edwards, Rinnai, Beasley and many more! We realise there are so many to choose from and your situation may be urgent. Our qualified staff are more than happy to provide their professional opinion and advice on which system and brand best suits your personal needs and falls within your budget.

Emergency Repairs 24/7 3 hour Responce Time

Although we know the Noosa area well, we travel far and wide. So if you need hot water for whatever reason and you need it now, do not hesitate to call us right away!

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