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Electrical Hot Water Systems

Repair My Hot Water install, repair, replace and retrofit electrical hot water systems in Hervey Bay, Sunshine Coast, Fraser Coast and Bundaberg. We send an electrician and a plumber to every single job that we attend, ensuring that we can get the job done on the spot – we don’t have to wait to call in another tradesman. We also carry all major spare parts with us at all times so that we can get any problems with your electrical hot water heater sorted on the day without having to order in any additional parts.

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All Brands, All Models:

We are an independent business and we don’t work specifically for any one brand. That means that we can work with any brand, make or model. We have been working in the industry for many years and have experience with most brands and are more than happy to share our professional opinion with you to help you select the best system for your home, but we are also more than happy to work with your brand of preference.

Generally, we recommend a brand called Dux – they are Australian made, affordable and come with a 10-year warranty.

Benefits of an Electrical Hot Water System:

There are a few core benefits that come from having an electric hot water system. The first major one is the cost of installation – electric systems are generally the cheapest option to have installed on most houses. There are a few exceptions with more rural properties or properties that sit further away from the grid but the additional costs are related to the infrastructure, not the actual system installation.

Another major benefit of electric hot water heaters is that they are economical to run when combined with a tariff. Tariffs are different rates that you are charged to use electricity – most houses by default are on a ‘standard’ tariff where they get charged the same amount for electricity usage no matter what time of day they are using it, but there are other tariffs that charge less for off-peak usage – you can find more information about tariffs in Queensland here. Everyone in Queensland has the right to be on an ‘off peak’ tariff which can be used to power your electrical hot water system saving you significant amounts of money on your electricity bills.

The final major benefit of electric hot water heaters is that you don’t have to worry about running out of hot water if there has been a prolonged period of no sun or your gas bottles are empty and need to be refilled.


If you have an existing gas or solar powered hot water heater and would like to swap to an electric system, we can do a retrofit for you. Retrofitting is not as expensive as many plumbers or electricians will have you think – because we attend every single job with a qualified electrician and a plumber, we don’t have to outsource any of the work or co-ordinate schedules between different trades. For us, the job is reasonably quick and simple! Learn more about retrofitting different hot water heaters here.


Electric Hot Water Systems

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Electric Hot Water Systems
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