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Switch Hot Water Systems: Electric, Gas, Solar and Heat Pumps

Repair My Hot Water can help you switch hot water systems from an electric, gas, solar or heat pump to an electric or a gas system. We service the entire Fraser Coast, Sunshine Coast, Hervey Bay and Bundaberg region, providing fast, affordable and reliable services for all our customers. Our team consists of a fully qualified electrician as well as a qualified plumber / gas fitter, which enables us to work on all types of hot water heaters regardless of the brand, model and type.

If you would like more information about our hot water retrofitting service or would like to receive an over-the-phone quote, please get in touch 

Should I Switch Hot Water Systems?

There are several different options when it comes to hot water systems including electric, gas, solar and heat pump, as well as several hybrid options. If you are considering switching from one system to the other then you should start by learning the pros and cons of each option to help you decide which one will suit your requirements the best – visit our Compare Systems page to learn more.

Our team have been working with hot water systems for over 25 years and we aren’t affiliated with any specific brands, so if you are uncertain about switching or would like our professional opinion on which type of water heater is best suited to your circumstances then give us a call and have a chat – we are happy to lend our unbiased and professional opinion.

Switching Hot Water Systems:

Switching between hot water systems is not as difficult as most plumbers or electricians will have you believe. In most cases, you are changing from a gas, solar or heat pump to an electric system and while that does require some new wiring and cabling, it is not a huge job. As the team at Repair My Hot Water have access to a plumber and an electrician, the job of switching is quick and simple because we have both the trades required to complete the task. Our electrician will make a few changes to your circuit and cabling and then we will remove the existing system and install your new water heater. The whole job is done and dusted in a couple of hours – you won’t need to wait for additional tradesmen to turn up or for parts to be ordered in.

Swithching Hot Water Systems

If your current system isn’t preforming and you’re considering swithching to a new hot water heater, give the team at Repair My Hot Water a call today. Call 0488 707 828

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