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Hot Water Repairs: Why Choose Us

Repair My Hot Water should be your number one choice for hot water repairs for many different reasons:

  1. Two Trades for the Price of One:
    We send a qualified electrician and plumber/gas fitter to every single job. This means you won’t get hit with an unexpected bill at the end of the job, because both trades are covered under the one quote / bill. It also means that we can get the job done faster – you won’t need to wait for us to organise another tradesman to meet at us at the job.
  2. Fast Response:
    We guarantee that we’ll be at your premises in under 3 hours. While other companies have a waiting list of 1-2 days, we provide a fast same-day service. If we are running more than 5 minutes behind schedule, we will call and let you know.
  3. Same Day Repairs:
    In addition to getting to you quickly, we will also complete your hot water repairs quickly. We carry all common spare parts with us and will often bring a spare hot water system with us if we suspect you may require a full replacement. This means you won’t need to wait for us to order in a part or a system.
  4. Over the Phone Quotes:
    We always provide an estimate or quote over the phone so that you don’t end up with a surprise bill at the end.
  5. Broad Service Area:
    We service a broad area including Hervey Bay, the Fraser Coast, Sunshine Coast, Bundaberg and all surrounding areas.
  6. Hot Water Specialists:
    All we do is hot water. This means we have very specialist knowledge in this area and we can find and diagnose faults faster.
  7. All Brands, All Systems:
    We are independent and are happy to work on all brands. While we may recommend a system or brand to suit your specific circumstances, we are more than happy to work with your brand of choice. We also repair all systems including electric, gas, solar and heat pumps.
  8. Communicative:
    We believe in clear communication at all times. We’ll always make sure that you understand all your different options such as repair vs replacement. We are happy to share our professional opinion with you and provide you with advice so that you can make an informed decision.


Hot Water Repairs

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